Giving Back Moves Us All Forward

By Jordan Blanco

At the heart of MALO republic is the desire to promote a truly, all day active lifestyle, not only among adults but also to get kids and teens excited about being active. As parents, we see the value of physical activity and sports for our kids, but we also recognize that not all children have the same access to sports clothing and equipment. When we launched MALO republic, we committed to donating one piece of activewear to our partner charities for every single item of clothing that you, our customers, purchase. We just celebrated our six-month anniversary and we’re delighted to be putting the finishing touches on our first batch of activewear for kids and teens that will be distributed via our charitable partners.

At the request of our charitable partners in the US and Australia, Good Sports and Kit Bags for Kids, the first clothing donation is focused on tank tops and leggings for young girls and teens. Read on to learn more about these two organizations and what they’re doing to outfit kids and get them excited about sports.

Good Sports has been providing brand new sports apparel and equipment to kids in need for over 16 years driven by the notion that sports play a vital development role for children and that no kid “should be left on the sidelines” due to the rising cost of sporting goods. Playing sports has many benefits for kids, from boosting confidence to developing teamwork and leadership skills, so continued participation in sports and physical activity is vitally important throughout childhood and the teenage years.

In 2020, Good Sports has launched the #SheWhoPlays initiative, specifically focusing on clothing and equipment for girls to play sports. Studies show that girls drop out of sports at twice the rate of boys by the age of 14 and access to appropriate clothing and equipment is a significant contributing factor. MALO republic is supporting the #SheWhoPlays initiative by donating XX pieces (or $XX) of clothing to Good Sports who will distribute the clothing to girls’ sports programs as part of their commitment to donate $3 million of equipment to girls in need over the next 3 years.


Kit Bag for Kids (“KBFK”) is an Australian based charitable organization that aspires to ensure that no child in Australia forgoes the opportunity to play sport due to a lack of appropriate attire. The KBFK team is focused on sourcing high-quality sports clothing and equipment to distribute to children in need throughout Australia. The first donation of MALO republic clothing will be given to Yirara College, a boarding school for Indigenous kids aged 12 and above. The school is located just outside of Alice Springs and brings together children from remote communities across Australia to gain an education and develop lifelong skills, including sports and physical education. 

Yirara College runs a program in partnership with Red Dust Role Models which provides health programming for Indigenous communities. MALO republic activewear will be donated to the “Strong Young Women’s Program” which includes yoga as part of its coaching around confidence, self-esteem, and healthy lifestyles for the indigenous girls attending the college.

Thank you for being a MALO republic customer during our first six months of business. It means a lot to us that you’ve chosen to wear our range of fun and functional activewear as you run, gym, practice yoga, or just walk the dog. However, your purchase means even more to the kids in need who will be receiving a new outfit in the coming weeks. Thank you for choosing to give back through the MALO republic Buy One | Give One program. Click here to learn even more about our program.

We truly believe that giving back to the community moves us all forward, and that feels even more poignant at a time where we are physically distanced from many in our community.

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