Turn Your Kitchen into a Classroom


 by Rebeccah Wassner

With schools closed around the globe, the need for at-home educational activities is off the charts. Here is a set of projects that not only will teach your kids about healthy eating, but also apply to the subjects they are learning at school.


Art - Fruit Plate Workshop. Make fruit and vegetables fun to eat and turn your kids into mini food stylists. Talk about the color wheel and make rainbows or patterns with the fruit and vegetables. Snacking is mandatory! It helps to pre-cut the produce and provide each kid with a plate or platter of their own.


Math - Bake a double (or triple) batch of banana bread. Have the kids do the math to figure out how much you need of each ingredient. When the bread is done, have them divide it up into pieces.


Foreign Language - Make a recipe in your target language. You can translate this simple fajitas recipe or try something more complicated like this recipe for Coca (this one is a challenge so good luck!)


Wellness & Movement - Have the kids join you in an at-home workout (maybe a Peloton core class or a Cosmic Kids Yoga session) and then take things into the kitchen and make a kid-friendly green smoothie.


Science - Conduct an experiment using food as the materials. The kids can watch the ingredients transform before their eyes by making your own butter, mixing up some magic butterfly lemonade, or melting chocolate to make covered pretzels.


Rebecca Wassner is 44, a mom of 3, and a professional triathlete. Her most proud racing achievements are: 3rd place 2019 IM 70.3 Shanghai as a mother of 3, 2004 USA Triathlon Rookie of the Year, 2008 Olympic Trials , 2009 USA Triathlon Athlete of the Year, 3 time New York City Triathlon Champion, and 4 time Philadelphia Triathlon Champion.

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